Your Questions About Kitesurfing Lessons

Maria asks…

Going to L.A. in august and looking for Kitesurfing lessons.?

Not windsurfing where the board is attached, but kite surfing where you are attached to a board and a harness, being pulled by a large kite in the air.

I’m not familiar with the L.A. area, but I’m looking for lessons at beaches nearby. Do you know of any places I can go to get lessons? If you do, pls link me the website. Thanks a lot!

admin answers:

Here is the best place to go to…
Beautiful beach and all.


Helen asks…

Kitesurfing lessons in South Africa near Paarl or Struisbaai?!?!?!?

I just want to learn the basics, I’m 15 and I love extreme sports so I can teach myself the rest. Thanx in advance.

admin answers:

Hey, I also live in SA!(George W-Cape) No, my cousin used to do that in Cape Town, but not in Paarl.

Robert asks…

Kitesurfing schools on the Big Island or Kauai in Hawaii?

Are there any places to get kitesurfing lessons on either the big island or Kauai

admin answers:

Yes, at the hawaii kite-surfing school along the lihue in kauai, it’s right next to KFC…just tell them leroy sent ya, and you’ll be 43% discount on cigarettes

Charles asks…

Kitesurfing in Virginia?

i live near the chesapeake bay and would love to pick up kitesurfing this summer. Where can i take lessons in virginia? and what is a good starting board/kite? Any tips for beginners?

admin answers:

If you REALLY want to pick up kite surfing go to the Outer Banks and take lessons at REAL. They are one of the top kite shops in the world.

BTW, none of those shops the other person listed sell kite surfing gear, and Corner 24 Juniors is gone.

William asks…

Is there any kite surfing in Kemer, Turkey ?

Could not find any schools or water sport centres offering kitesurfing lessons, I will be on holiday there and really want to try it ..
gugu, are you sure about that ? I really doubt they have it in every hotel, it is a relatively new sport which requires certain conditions of beach and winds; there simply will not be so many experienced instructors / equipment / suitable beaches ….

I found only one so far, surf school in Fethiye ..but it is too far from Kemer …

admin answers:

In nearly every holiday village or resort hotel in Kemer you can do kite surfing

Edit: You can check Fantasia Hotel De Lux Kemer, they say they have a surf school in their hotel. Besides at the net I have come acrooss a couple of weather forecast websites for surfers and kite surfers and they include Kemer too. Like this one:

Also check Robinson Club Çamyuva and Kemer Kiriş Fantazi Hotels in Kemer And check this link also: On the left side there is a Surf and Sailing Schools section.

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