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Your Questions About Kiteboarding Kites

Your Questions About Kiteboarding Kites

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John asks…

Where are kiteboarding kites manufactured?

admin answers:

They are designed in the US but made in China

Joseph asks…

where to buy kites for kiteboarding in ontario?

don’t be dumb

admin answers:

Your local kiteboarding store or on the web

Ken asks…

Is this a good kiteboarding kite?

I’m a surfer who wants to start kiteboarding but I know nothing about it. I don’t have much money. Is this a good a kite? It comes with the lines and bar for only 75 bucks….i figure i can’t go wrong. right?

http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/spo/1457657147.html —this is it.

admin answers:

The listing at the link you have posted has been removed, but I’m suspecting that’s a good thing.

I’m a kiteboarder and I would never, ever, buy a kite that cost $75 dollars. First of all, kiteboarding kites are expensive. A good kite will cost you around 700-1200 dollars, depending on size. Having good gear is paramount, especially if you want to kite in the surf. Even if you could get a kite for 75 bucks, I’d never use it – there has to be something wrong with a $75 dollar kite.

The biggest reason you don’t want to use a kite whose quality is questionable, is because they produce so much power. These kites can literally launch you into the atmosphere…literally.. If you have shoddy kite equipment, and it malfunctions while riding, you can easily be killed. Just take a look at some of the videos in this page http://www.kiteboardingevolution.com/kitemares.html.

Honestly, the best way to learn how to kiteboard is to take lessons. I know people hate hearing that, especially when they can do a board sport already, but its critical. You’ll be able to try it out safely, try out your instructors gear, and get better much faster. You usually can get gear from your instructor at a discount too. One guy in the Florida area that has a great website can be reached at http://www.kitemare.com. I’ve spoken with him before and he is very very helpful – send him a message.

Bottom line, be very careful because there is a lot to lose – your fingers, your hand, your board, your gear, your life, or someone else’s life (it happens – rogue kites can kill).

Please be careful. You can check out this page on the steps to learn kiteboarding – http://www.kiteboardingevolution.com/learn-to-kiteboard.html

Michael asks…

can power kites be used for kiteboarding or kitesurfing??? pls help?

admin answers:

No. There not big enough/ durable

Chris asks…

How to make a trainer kite?(kiteboarding style)?

i have to make a kite for a project and i thought (since i kiteboard) making one of these would be awsome.
A page with like a layout or somehting would be very helpful or any other information on it.
Its only going to be at tops 3 m
i want only 1m though

admin answers:

Do u know how to sow?
Sorry i don’t know how to make a kite. I think you might be biting off more than you can chew! Good luck though!!!

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