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Your Questions About Kite Surfing

Your Questions About Kite Surfing

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Donna asks…

kite surfing?

well basically i really want to try kite surfing but it it hard? and how to i start? i surf snowboard and skate btw

admin answers:

If you are serious about Kite Surfing, go to a school that will teach you the basics, one place I can recommend if you have the time, that is Hood River, Oregon, the windsurfing capital of the world, they may have the stuff you are looking for.

Susan asks…

Are there any Kite Surfing Shops in Paris?

Hi, I am planning a trip to Paris, France shortly and I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any kite surfing shops in Paris? Thanks.

admin answers:

Hi !

U know that there’s no sea in Paris ° )

But U can find one specialized shop:


in the center of Paris

and one generalist (the bigger in France) who also sell kite surfind equipments:


Enjoy your surf !


Chris asks…

Do I really need to take lessons for Kite Surfing?

If I want to go Kite Surfing for first time Do I really need to take lessons for Kite Surfing?
What dangers would I be facing if I don’t take lessons and just go for it on my own autodidact?
Can you also tell me what are the main muscles that I will be working out in this sport?
This sport is so cool!
Another question… If the kite falls into the water then I would need to go out of the water and start again?
I would need to be a very good swimmer then?

admin answers:

Definitely get lessons, its a dangerous sport as far as i know. I heard about abloke who got 70ft of air when he was kite surfing and ended up being dropped on the road the other side of the beach cos the wind was so strong. If you go with an instructor they can tell you when the conditions are right and safe.

James asks…

Where are the best Kite surfing spots in Brisbane?

Hi there, I currently live in Brisbane in the CBD and my boyfriend is coming to live with me from Perth. He’s a keen kite surfer and so wants to live near the beach, do you know any beaches close to Brisbane that are good for kite surfing? And also good areas to live that are comutable to the city? Thanks

admin answers:

Wow I envy him!! I would love to get to Brisbane for some Kite surfing. Not too sure of the hot spots, but if you ever decide to Vacay in Cabarete just drop me a line and we might have a room open for ya at http://www.cabareterentals.com/kiteboarding-in-cabarete/

The kite surfing is cabarete is hands down the best!!

Good Luck!

Joseph asks…

What balance board to buy for kite surfing?

I want to get a balance board to help with my general balance skills. I’m a windsurfer and just started to kite surf so it’s mainly for watersports. What balance boards do people recommend? I was looking at the Lush board but then started reading about the original Indo boards – now I’m just plain confused! Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

But from everything I heard, I don’t think there really is a perfect board out there. It’s just a matter of trying one. The truth is that they’re all pretty low-tech with a hard cylinder and stops at the end. Not much more to them than that. I think you’re right about Indo being good, but there are other choices and I’ve heard Vew-Do mentioned by some before. They’ve got a good buyer’s guide that’s worth taking a look at:


Yeah, it might confuse you even more because of the selection, but they’re worth considering.

Good luck!!

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