When Kitesurfing, Pay Attention To The Weather – It Can Change Quickly

509469_kitesurfing_2Weather changes are something that everyone deals with often. For most people, we deal with the changes by putting on an extra layer of clothing and pulling out our flip flops and t-shirts. Whatever the weather is, usually clothing easily help us acclimate. When you are a kitesurfer, adjusting to changes in the weather is not as easy as throwing on a sweater. Changes can be sudden and not as easy to detect. In addition, they can also be dangerous. It is important to be aware of what to look out for.

Stormy weather. Stormy weather causes high surf, which makes the water uneven and the waves are not as easy to control yourselves on. Also, if you are not careful, these high waves can often make you drift far from the shore.

Difficulty re-launching. Because the weather is so bad, it is hard to self-rescue or to be rescued by others. The possibility of freezing in cold water while trying to re-launch goes up during these times.

Dangerous water. Some water is not safe. Weather sharks are present or there are rocks, corals and sand. Be careful.

Make sure to look out for these conditions when the weather turns bad and be safe.

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