When Kiteboarding, Learn The Lingo So You Don’t Sound Like A Newbie

It is your first time on the water. You have a great new kite and you just completed your first jump. You turn to your friend and say something like, “man that was awesome how long I was off the water on the jump.” Your friend is most likely laughing at you behind your back. However, if he is nice enough, he will probably tell you that it’s called “air time”. Great air time. Five to Ten seconds of air time is actually quite normal. So 1110119_kitesurfteryou might want to get the lingo down.

There was nothing funny then watching a football game where this guy’s wife referred to the holding call as “holding on the wrist”. If you aren’t careful you might find yourself in a similar situation where everyone on the water is laughing at you. Also, in terms of kitesurfing, it is safer to know the terminology so you can communicate with those out on the water with you. All jokes aside, kitesurfing can be dangerous, so learning even the basic lingo is important and will help you not only look legitimate, but keep you safe as well. And, the good thing is you will catch on quick because everyone uses the terms.

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