The Basics Of Kitesurfing – Get Ready, Get Set, Surf!

744757_kitesurf_2Kitesurfing might look like a major challenge to the average beachgoer. But it’s surprisingly easy if you learn the basics and keep in mind all the important safety instructions. For a sport that’s relatively new, it’s gaining huge popularity among daring individuals. Here are some basics to keep know about this new blossoming sport:

It’s a combination of kiteflying and surfing. You, the surfer, are attached (strapped onto) a board, while holding the reigns on a long and fairly large kite that gives you propulsion on the water. By twisting the handle bar you can change which direction the kite is flying, and ultimately which direction you are traveling on the sea. You can even go against the wind if you practice enough.

Much like the physics of an airplane wing, the kite similarly needs less wind in order to pull you, and creates its own wind propulsion by using gravity and centrifugal force. Like any other sport, there’s always risks involved, but these can be minimized by wearing a helmet, safety harness, and even carrying a signaling device in case you accidentally kitesurf far too from land.

The sport is even becoming safer as innovations in kite design, safety release systems and as more surfing lessons become available.

This is one outdoor activity that you don’t want to miss out on.