Learning To Turn In Kiteboarding – It’s Easier Than It Looks

Kite surfing may look like a serious challenge for those who have never taken the step to get up on a board. But it’s much easier than it looks. You won’t start off jumping and doing 360’s off of wakes, but you can get the hang of it relatively quickly, if you follow a few simple bits of advice and practice your basic turns.

The first step in making sure your kitesurfing experience will go smoothly is to practice on a day with good, steady wind. This will help you1180385_surf_jpg develop accurate turning skills, and help you become a better kiteboarder.

One tip to keep in mind when learning to turn both left and right, is to keep the kite lower in the sky, but not so low as to hit the water. If the kite is too high while changing directions it may lose its pull, and you can end up stopped in the water. You’ll also want to pull into the kite as you turn, to keep the momentum of the turn continuous.

When you steer in a new direction, the kite will try and dive into the water if you don’t take care to keep it level. Watch the kite while you turn and turn it up if this happens. Before going into the next turn, get some speed and power up quickly.

Once you’ve been able to turn effectively on the water, you should have no trouble feeling comfortable while kitesurfing.