Kitesurfing Tricks: The Board Grab Is One Of The Easiest And Most Popular

749190_kitesurf__2Kitesurfing is yet another extreme sport that combines two elements; surfing in the air while using a kite. I must admit, it is a sport that looks intimidating and can be quite scary if you are looking to pull this off for the very first time.

If you happen to be bold enough to give it a shot, one of the things you will ask yourself is what kind of tricks you can pull off in the air. The easiest you can perform is the board grab; the name of the trick implies exactly what you will do. When using a board to gain speed downhill during days where no wind is present, just ride it down to the point where you want to go into the air. Once you are ready, just grab hold of the board at the center and hold on to it and the kite for dear life.

You can perform other tricks with the board, such as finger flips, spins, turns and other basic board maneuvers. Some tricks you can perform with a skateboard can be performed with the kitesurfing board if it is timed correctly. It also depends on the style of board you have; the more narrow and lighter the board is, the easier it will be use when performing tricks.

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