Kitesurfing – A complete Guide on ‘How to Kiteboard’

How to Kiteboard

is the first step that each kite surfers should focus to study before trying out the hands with the board. The world of adventure sport is all set to take a whole new dimension with the rising popularity of kitesurfing. Known for the high adrenaline rush one gets while attempting these high-flying sports, kitesurfing blends of the popular extreme sports – paragliding, wakeboarding and water surfing. What was seen as a dangerous and teenage sport soon became a popular stress reducing sport after different safety techniques were introduced.  Innovative kite designs with hybrid solutions coupled with the safest release systems made kitesurfing a safe and easy to learn sport.  The popularity of the sport has also seen a considerable rise in kitesurfing training schools where applicants are taught on how to kiteboard.

How to Kiteboard

Kitesurfing is all about transferring your body weight and manoeuvring the kite which would develop a drag and take you across the water. It is important that you understand the safety measures while handling a kiteboard and also have a thorough knowledge on the guidelines provided on ‘how to kiteboard.’

It is interesting to note that kitesurfing started in the early 19th century as a way to tap the wind energy to enhance transportation. The concept of a four line control system was used to transport small boats and very light boards with the help of the wind force. This concept turned out to be a failure because more often than not, the linear motion depended on the force of the wind. The concept was later re-introduced as a sport where the same four line system was connected to surf boards which provided better control and manoeuvring credibility.

Today the sport has developed to the extent that there are professionals who dedicate their time to teach people on how to kiteboard expertly. Manoeuvring the kite is not an easy task considering the up lift of the wind. It requires a lot of stamina to control the kite strings and also guide the kite and the surf board through the desired direction.  Although it has achieved cult status as an extreme sport, the developers of the sport are trying their level best to make


a safe sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.

How to Kiteboard


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