Kitesurf School United States and Hawaii

Kitesurf Schools in U.S. and Hawaii

School Name

Location and Contact Info.

Web Site

Kite Island

Location:      Bethel Island, Sacramento, CA

Email: ride[at]

Xtreamline Sports

Location:      Cabrillo Beach, CA

Email: kaminskas[at]



Location:      Coronado, CA

Email: Brian[at]

Lake Tahoe Kiteboarding

Location:      Lake Tahoe and Central Coast California

Email: info[at]

Captain Kirk’s

Location:      Los Angeles, CA

Email:           ckirks[at] (contact Mel)

Malibu Kitesurfing

Location:      Malibu, CA

Email: info[at]

MonkeyAir kitsurfing

Location:      Malibu, CA

Email:           traigtrumbo[at]

Action Watersports

Location:      Marina del Rey, CA

Email: team[at]

Manta Water Sports, Kiteboarding

Location:      San Diego, California

Email: MantaWatersports[at]

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

Location:     San Diego, CA

Email: mbac[at]

Sheldon Kiteboarding

Location:      Rio Vista, California

Email: bruce[at]

West Coast Kiteboarding

Location:      San Diego, CA

Email: info[at]

Board Sport

Location:      Alameda and San Francisco, CA

Email: info[at]

Kite Wind Surf

Location:     San Francisco Bay, California

email: info[at]

Out Of The Office Kite School

Location:      SF Bay Area, CA

Email:           paul[at]

Xtreme Big Air

Location:      Shell Beach, CA

Email:           kinsley[at]

Onshore Kites

Location:      Venice Beach, CA

Email: mayer[at]


Kitetricity Kitesurfing School

Location:      Central Florida – Brevard County – Melbourne Area

Email: info[at]

East Coast Kiteboarding

Location:      Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Email: eckiteboarding[at]

WaterSport Unlimited Inc.

Location:      FT. Lauderdale, FL

Email: CKFLYER[at]

Sea & Sky Sports

Location:      Fort Walton Beach, FL

Email:           michael[at]

Extreme Sports Florida Keys

Location:      Islamorada, Florida Keys

Email: info[at]

Kite Surf the Earth

Location:      Key West, Flordia

Email: info[at]

Location :    Matheson Hammock Park, Miami, FL

Email: miguel[at]

Big Kite

Location:     Miami , Florida and the Rest of U.S

Email: lnfo[at]

Location:      Miami, Florida

Email: info[at]

Sky Banditz Int’l

Location:      Miami, Florida

Email:           fjescudero[at]

305 947 8454 or 786 290 4585

Kitesurfing Of N.W. Florida

Location:      Pensacola Beach, Florida

Email:           Jodiane[at]


Tampa Bay Kiteboarding

Location:      Tampa Bay, FL

Email: eagle[at]

3-2-1 Kite school

Location:      Tierra Verde, FL

Email:           jeff[at]

Learn To Kiteboard

Location:      Western Florida including Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Penillas County, St.Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota, FL.

email: info[at]


Chicago Kitesurfing

Location:      Chicago, IL

Email: bcruz[at]

Leading Edge Kite School

Location:      Boston, MA

Email: mike[at]

Air Support

Location:      Cape Code, MA

Email:           Kitecod[at]


Fun Seekers

Location:      Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA

Email: wearefunseekers[at]

Skyhigh Kiteboarding School

Location:      Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Email: begle[at]

Sky Kitesurfing School

Location:      Nantucket, MA

Email: christian[at]

Powerline Sports

Location:     Salisbury, MA

Email: school[at]

All Tri-State Kites

Location:      US- East Cost – NJ,NY,CT,RI and MA

Email:           odagan[at]


Location:      MPLS, MN

Email:           tighe[at]

Kitty Hawk Kites

Location:      Avon on Hatteras Island, NC

Email:           chris[at]

RealKiteboarding school

Location:      Cape Hatteras, NC, Summit County (snow) and Burlington VT

Email: trip[at]

Ride Hatteras

Location:      Hatteras, NC

Email:           charlie[at]

Extreme Windsurf

Location:      Atlantic City, NJ

Email:           KarabaszJP[at]

Island Surf and Sail

Location:      Long Beach Island, NJ

Email: store[at]

Powerline Sports

Location:    Long Branch, NJ

Email: kevin[at]


Green Hat Kiteboarding

Location:      Sandy Hook, NJ

Email: info[at]


Location:      Newyork City, NY

Email: rick[at]


Kite The Gorge

Location:      Hood River, OR

Email: kite[at]


New Wind Kiteboarding School

Location:      Hood River, Oregon

Email:           newwind[at]

Sky Kitesurfing School

Location:      Newport, RI

Email:          christain[at]

Air Company

Location:      Mount Pleasant, SC, US

Email: info[at]


Air Padre Kiteboarding

Location:      South Padre Island, TX

Email: info[at]

Pro Kitesurf

Location:      Corpus Christi, Texas

Email: info[at]

South Coast Kiteboarding

Location:      Corpus Christi, Texas

Email: ryan[at]

4 Winds 7 Seas Locations: SPI, TX (spring and fall)… Michigan (summer)… Florida (winters)

Location:      South Padre Island, Texas

Email: rvillate[at]

Location:      South Padre Island, Texas

Email:           bpadz[at]

Utah Kite Boarding

Location:     Salt Lake City, Park City, Provo, Springville, Utah

Email: info[at]

WindFlow Sports

Location:      Sammamish, Washington

Email: jake[at]

Kite Riders

Location:      Madison, WI

Email: bob[at]