Kiteboarding Is An Extreme Water Sport – But How Extreme Is Up To You

When you hear the term ‘extreme sports’ you might assume that they aren’t for you and that they’re too dangerous, but terms like that can be misleading. How extreme kiteboarding or kitesurfing actually is can vary based on your skill and fitness level and what you want to do with your new hobby. You’ll start out with a trainer kite on dry land, so you can get in a lot of practice with it. It’ll help you feel more comfortable and you won’t be out in the water without a clue where you could potentially injure yourself or someone else. Of course that potential always exists, but it’s much more likely when you’re new to something and unsure about what you’re doing.kitesurf1

Once you get the basics down and actually start going out on the water you can sail along serenely or go out and start doing jumps. You can really fly with these kites or you can scoot along the water, more like a windsurfer. Either way, the sport is a lot of fun and if you don’t want to take it to the extremes you certainly don’t have to. That’s completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with, so just enjoy your new hobby and don’t push yourself to take on more than you would actually find enjoyable.