Kiteboarding And Kitesurfing: What’s The Difference And Why Does It Matter?

Most people use the terms kiteboarding and kitesurfing interchangeably, but that’s not entirely correct. It’s usually alright to use them that way and most people aren’t going to complain about it, but if you really want to get it right you should know the differences between the two. Generally, kitesurfing is more oriented to wave riding, and kiteboarding is designed for freestyle and performance riding. There are different boards and different kites that are used by these people depending on which of the two styles they will be mostly engaged in. It’s an important distinction when you go to purchase a kite and a board. If you don’t knowkitesurf4 the difference – and which style suits you better – the salesperson might not know how to help you very easily.

You don’t want to get the wrong gear, and most people who start out in the sport lean toward kitesurfing because it’s not as aggressive. However, you might be an adrenaline junky and want to start out with jumps and other maneuvers. Know yourself, and then get to know the gear that you’ll need. Research is your friend, because you’ll want to be sure you’re not being cheated and sold things you really won’t use, and you also want to know that you have everything you’ll need to enjoy your great new hobby.

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Trainer Kite May 18, 2008 at 9:59 pm

This is really true. A combination of wakeboarding and surfing with the right gear and of course the right board – complements with the right attitude makes one a perfect kiteboarding enthusiast.

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