How to Pilot a surfboard for wake kiting

Contrary to popular idea, a person could be able to obtain a less expensive used surf board and use it for windsurf kiting. When ordering the surf board make certain that it is long enough (about your own shoulder or chin level) and contain as small rocker as workable (less than 2.5 cm rocker). The wake board can contain either 4 fins or 2 fins. If you have never used a kite board, it most effective to use straps or sandal binding. If you want to use big cover binding, make positive you can get in or out of your binding readily. Whenever ride a wakeboard don't forget that it is quite loose and the edge of the board is all you have for traction.

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When ride a kite board, make an effort to hold the front lower calf direct to push the board and the back calf bent. The edging stress of the board should usually be varied among 3 feet (if you press very hard on the the front, the deck will sink when underpowered and if you touch too hard on the back, the board will slip and slide).

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