Choosing the Right Kitesurfing Equipment to Learn How to Kiteboard

Choosing the Right Kitesurfing Equipment to Learn How to Kiteboard

‘How to kiteboard’ is a query which is being frequently heard in the last two decades due to the emergence of a new sport known as kitesurfing or kiteboarding. Belonging to the category of adventure sports, kitesurfing is a combination of windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding and can be picked up by anyone irrespective of their age, gender or physical built.

Having decided to learn how to kiteboard, the first and foremost step is to acquire the right kind of equipment which would be suitable for one’s requirements and seek lessons from a professional coach. The paraphernalia required for kiteboarding consists of a kite, a control bar with lines, a board and a harness. While a control bar is a common feature in all kites, one can opt for a helmet as a safety measure and choose a wetsuit in case of colder waters. While purchasing a new kite, one would come across a wide range of prices which vary according to the size and brand of the kite. An important consideration in this regard is that although the older kites are cheaper than their newer counterparts, it is better to settle for a relatively new kite due to safety concerns and inclusion of latest technology.

In order to learn how to kitesurf in a safe manner, one must seek lessons from a certified kiteboarding instructor so as to be able to acquire a good grasp of the sport. Kitesurfing, being an adventure sport, can not only pose dangers to the practitioner but also to the onlookers as the tension lines are as sharp as razor and therefore capable of causing cuts and injuries.

The training in learning how to kiteboard commences with the selection of the proper kite and this should be done keeping in mind the level of training and experience of the learner. There was a time when this sport had recently evolved and power kites were used for training as well but it is over a period of time that the need for a different type of a kite was felt to serve the purpose of training and thus was born the trainer kite.

People who learn how to kitesurf normally make use of two types of kites namely the foil kites and the leading edge inflatables. The main features of the foil kite are that it is made from light weight ripstop nylon, is fitted with a fixed bridle to maintain the arc shape of the kite and does not require bladders to be manually inflated. A foil kite could be purchased either in open cell one configuration or a closed cell one configuration. The leading edge inflatable kite differs from the foil kite in the sense that it’s main inflatable plastic bladder spans along the front edge of the kite in addition to the smaller bladders which are in perpendicular to the main bladder.

After learning how to kiteboard, one can enjoy in the vast stretches of water keeping in mind the personal safety and thereby avoiding the dangerous areas.