How to Fly a Stunt Kite: And Look Cool Doing it

Stunt Kite Tips

Kite flying is an enjoyable activity that anyone can enjoy – if you can ride a bicycle, you can fly a stunt kite. Just as you turn the handle bar of a bicycle to the right to travel in that direction, it’s exactly the same to control a kite – steer left when you want the kite to fly to the left, and right when you want to fly it to the right.

Slow controlled movements are best and sudden jerky moves will probably end up with your kite’s nose tip diving and hitting the ground. Another no-no is lifting your hands up over your head in an effort to make the kite fly upwards – this action does absolutely nothing!

When launching a stunt kite for the first time it can be useful to have a helper. Ask your helper pick the kite up from behind, holding it firmly, but allowing a little tension between the two of you so that the flying lines are off the ground. If the winds are strong enough, all your helper needs to do is let go, and the kite will soar off into the air. A bit of practice is all that is needed to enable you to launch your kite on your own.

If your kite crashes with twists in the line, simply wind the handles around each other until the twists disappear. This is much easier than having your helper pick up the kite and try to un-rotate it.

To land the kite, simply fly it out to the edge of the wind and steer gently toward the ground. The idea is to reach the ground about the same time the kite reaches the edge of the wind.

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