Getting The Right Kite Size: Choose What Works For You And Your Skill Level

Whether you are looking to kitesurf or kiteboard, you will need to purchase the kite itself. Regardless of what kind of kite that you are looking to get, the measurement for all of them will be in square meters and the rating will depend on the sail area. It is very important to note that the sail area is not the wingspan of the kite.

There are three major kites that are available for use; C, Bow and SLE. The C shaped kites are the traditional shape and are the cheapest of the three. The C shaped will give users a very good upwind drive and maintains power during flight, but they are poor at re-launching in the water.6739_kitesurfer The Bow (sometimes called flat) shape has the best water re-launching , but it requires more overall control by the pilot. It also has the widest wind range, so it allows pilots to de-power easier. The SLE (Super Leading Edge) is a hybrid kite; it combines elements from the C shape and the Bow kites. This provides the best de-powering, so you will be very safe while using it. It has the same upwind as the C shaped kite, yet the overall feel is very constant and has less bar pressure. Water re-launching is somewhat easy to perform using the SLE.

Regardless of what kind of kite you buy, the wind speed (or range) will determine what size you will use on that day and older kites will have less wind range than new kites.