Control Your Flying And Jumping – Practice Makes Perfect (And Looks Cool)

1165988_a_girl_with_a_pink_kite_One of the most exciting aspects in the sport of kitesurfing or kiteboarding are the jumps. Controlled flying and jumping is one of the many attractions that bring on hundreds of thousands of new kitesurfing participants each year. This blossoming sport that has really only existed for a decade, is still developing new and impressive moves on the water.

Controlled jumping and flying is not easy. While the basics of the sport are surprisingly simple, and getting up your first time is easier than it looks, jumping takes a lot of time and practice (but it’s worth it when you get to show off your new moves).

You can fly while kitesurfing a number of ways. The most common is by getting enough force behind the kite, where it actually lifts you out of the water. If you get enough speed over a small wake, you can also get lift and glide for a few seconds. Controlling your landing is another aspect entirely. Luckily your feet are strapped to the board at all times.

There are many moves one can do while jumping, including turns, spins, board grabs, and even taking the board off of your feet. Many moves that imitate the popular moves of surfing and skateboarding. Because the sport is so young, there are still many moves to be discovered and perfected.

Jumping has many associated involved, and the most important advice to safe jumping is to chose a location that is clear of other surfers and swimmers.

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